Roll up! Roll up! and read for free in your local library!

Great news for my fans! My books are now in a lot of your local libraries!

My books can also be found in Westminster Libraries, Newham Libraries (East Ham and Stratford) and soon Barking & Dagenham Libraries. Following the feedback from my fans, this is so everyone can read and re-read and recommend to their heart’s content. So read for free! Why not drop my a line here or a book review, or  if you prefer pop to my Facebook page, or website. Have a great Summer!

Free Autographed Copy of ‘Reality, Bits, Bytes and Chips’

Here’s the update on the Goodreads competition that I blogged about earlier. It has now finished with a staggering total of 989 entries!!!
I will be posting an autographed copy to the lucky winner tomorrow with a complimentary bookmark which I designed myself.

It’s been a lot of fun and I will definitely do it again!

Kitty Clairmont Author

Can’t believe so many people have entered the competition already! Wow!

This is a collection of poems, short stories and a play called ‘East End Spices’

enter here:  

Reality Bits,Bytes & Chips

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