Roll up! Roll up! and read for free in your local library!

Great news for my fans! My books are now in a lot of your local libraries!

My books can also be found in Westminster Libraries, Newham Libraries (East Ham and Stratford) and soon Barking & Dagenham Libraries. Following the feedback from my fans, this is so everyone can read and re-read and recommend to their heart’s content. So read for free! Why not drop my a line here or a book review, or  if you prefer pop to my Facebook page, or website. Have a great Summer!

Dragon on my Shoulder – collection of poems for children

Long awaited collection of poems for children which I am so pleased is finally finished! Here is one of my favourites that inspired the title:

Dragon on my shoulder

I need some coffee to start me on my day

Sugar sweet and thrice time stirred

My pet curled up within my hair

Breathes warm into my ear


I smile

It warms my neck

So close its gurgle no-one else can hear


Some take sandwiches, a bit of cold rice

Their tin of caffeine or a flagon of hot tea

But I am a smuggler of dreams into work

With my little pet dragon in my briefcase


And when the day is done

And the in-tray war is won

We will ride the metal dragon home


We’ll snuggle up in front of the magic box

                                …I’ll toss the corn kernels into the air

                                …and my pet dragon will make us popcorn

Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a British-Asian fusion!

macbeth 2Shakespeare’s Macbeth was given a fresh airing last night at Stratford Circus Theatre! Director Jatinder Verma did a sterling job – the cast of eight doubled and even tripled up their roles with professional ease with Rax Timyr playing not only part of the chorus but also providing music (particularly fine drumming and even beatboxing!)

Robert Mountford gave a stirring performance as Macbeth wearing his clan’s turban as a crown complete with ceremonial robes and sword, a truly ‘resplendent Mughal Emperor’.

What an inspired interpretation of the witches as hijras – a legally recognised third gender in India and Germany and made macbethcomplete sense when you find out that  ‘being outside the norms of gender, hijras see themselves as part of a spirit world that traces back to the half-man half-woman god, Ardh-Narishwar’. It was all incorporated sensitively and seamlessly into Shakespeare’s play in such a way that it made this British-Asian fusion an instant success.

Loved seeing so many young people there too! another fine production by Tara Arts in association with Black Theatre Live and Queen’s Hall Arts. Check out the latest news on their website

*Quotes are taken from the show’s programme ‘Director’s Note’

Arty Tardy Review!!!

Here’s another new review – I’m so pleased:

Arty Tardy is a journey rather than a story. The author, Kitty Clairmont has a wonderful way of captivating her audience and addressing what are sometimes ‘delicate’ issues – in this case SEN; in particular a boy named David (Tardy) with aspergers.

This book takes you through David’s dilemmas of daily life and allows you to see through his perception just how menial things for you and I, are often life altering when dealing with aspergers.

Kitty Clairmont’s clever use of language not only allows you the capability of envisaging David’s story and the vision through young eyes, but also opens your heart and mind to the many obstacles with which as adults we take for granted.

This is a must read for all; being young, old, for pleasure or educational purposes.

A pause for thought for us all:
“My school is like a horse chestnut tree. the branches are the teachers and the flowers are the children. Some of us have blotches of different colours and are different sizes and shapes but we are really all the same.” (P.117)

New Website Page for Children’s Reviews

Why a whole page for children’s reviews? Well, children are the most honest of critics I have ever encountered. If something is rubbish they’ll tell you straight and if they love something you’ll get a resounding cheer – there’s no need to read between the lines with them!

Obviously as the author I like my book, after all I wrote it! But what I really want to know is  whether I’ve hit the mark or not – Arty Tardy was written with primary school children in mind and I want to know whether the story had hit home with them. How do they feel about David?  Do they understand his different perspective? Did the story touch them? Was it funny? What message did they get? Do they want more?

Also it still surprises me how much children like my poetry book – Angelic Poetry: Little Pills of Comfort. So I want to find out which poems they like best – because – here’s a little secret – I want to write another one just for them!

I value all the feedback I get and every day I am more and more humbled at the effect my writing has had on people of all ages – young and not so young.

Please feel free to have a look at the page – there is more on the way from local schools who are currently reading my books. I await with bated breath!


Arty Tardy  Little Pills of Comfort

KS1 Literacy, Art and Healthy Eating

I was asked to design a workshop for KS1  incorporating my poems and an aspect of their curriculum so I decided to use my poem ‘Living Rainbow’ and tie it to Healthy raimbowEating!

Glad to say it has been enthusiastically approved and I can’t wait for the event. It will rolled out to Early Years first and we are in the midst of sorting out all the technicalities such as what fruit and vegetables we are going to use and how we are going to tailor the workshop specifically to suit Reception.

I am very exited about our ‘Living Rainbow’ and can’t wait to make it as tasty as possible. I will post examples of their written work and pictures as the school has said that it will be fine with them.

I’ll keep you posted!!!