KS1 Literacy, Art and Healthy Eating

I was asked to design a workshop for KS1  incorporating my poems and an aspect of their curriculum so I decided to use my poem ‘Living Rainbow’ and tie it to Healthy raimbowEating!

Glad to say it has been enthusiastically approved and I can’t wait for the event. It will rolled out to Early Years first and we are in the midst of sorting out all the technicalities such as what fruit and vegetables we are going to use and how we are going to tailor the workshop specifically to suit Reception.

I am very exited about our ‘Living Rainbow’ and can’t wait to make it as tasty as possible. I will post examples of their written work and pictures as the school has said that it will be fine with them.

I’ll keep you posted!!!


Arty Tardy

The ARTY TARDY workshop weaves Literacy and Art together. If you’ve read the book then you know what I mean.

Inspired by elements of Picasso and Hockney it celebrates the fact that  ‘Every Child is an Artist’ [Pablo Picasso].

We explore fun new words found in the book with practical application – that is – we play with paint and paintbrushes! But it is so much more than that! We compare each other’s ideas which always differs from person to person and can produce some visually exciting stuff I can tell you!

We explore famous painters and look at different representations of an element from the book  (could be a fruit or a tree…) which have been selected to illustrate the scope of different techniques and perspectives – the children delight it the ones that simply do not conform to ‘traditional’ ideas! So armed  – off we go and produce our own!  

Ground rules incorporating  the FOUR C’s form the nexus of the workshop that values every child’s contribution, viewpoint and  level of ability and ensures that they have fun whilst learning collaboratively.

All in all it celebrates diversity and self expression – with a good dose of humour and fun!