Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a British-Asian fusion!

macbeth 2Shakespeare’s Macbeth was given a fresh airing last night at Stratford Circus Theatre! Director Jatinder Verma did a sterling job – the cast of eight doubled and even tripled up their roles with professional ease with Rax Timyr playing not only part of the chorus but also providing music (particularly fine drumming and even beatboxing!)

Robert Mountford gave a stirring performance as Macbeth wearing his clan’s turban as a crown complete with ceremonial robes and sword, a truly ‘resplendent Mughal Emperor’.

What an inspired interpretation of the witches as hijras – a legally recognised third gender in India and Germany and made macbethcomplete sense when you find out that  ‘being outside the norms of gender, hijras see themselves as part of a spirit world that traces back to the half-man half-woman god, Ardh-Narishwar’. It was all incorporated sensitively and seamlessly into Shakespeare’s play in such a way that it made this British-Asian fusion an instant success.

Loved seeing so many young people there too! another fine production by Tara Arts in association with Black Theatre Live and Queen’s Hall Arts. Check out the latest news on their website

*Quotes are taken from the show’s programme ‘Director’s Note’