I have published three books: ANGELIC POETRY: LITTLE PILLS OF COMFORT, ARTY TARDY (first in a children’s series) and a collection of poems, short stories and a play called REALITY, BITS, BYTES AND CHIPS.
Listen to some of my poems on my website: http://www.kittyclairmont.com/index.asp  then kick back and relax with the first two chapters of ARTY TARDY.
It also has a link to my Facebook page where I post all my latest ideas and inspirations, an OUT AND ABOUT page where I list events, workshops and talks that I am participating in, some of which are open to the public. I’m always happy to see you so feel free to pop along and say hi!
…and of course you can find my blog right here where I will share some random and at times succinct thoughts with you!
Little Pills of Comfort  Arty Tardy Reality Bits,Bytes & Chips


  1. kittyclairmont · April 10, 2013

    Go to Goodreads to read some of my book reviews:


    If you have any good books to recommend – please feel free to drop me a line!!

  2. GolNaran · February 1, 2015

    Dear Kitty,
    I am so happy to have journeyed into your blog, definitely one to follow!
    All the best, ❤

  3. Tokoni O. Uti · February 7, 2015


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